Summer is what you decide

My friends Tommy and Johan, July 2014 was slightly warmer…

The half of year 2017 has passed and July is getting over. How has your summer been so far?

I see many “33 degrees…sweating as hell” posts on my social media. ah how I miss the warmth. And Cicadas sounds, burning sun shines, the sound of “wind bells”, cold sweets and the “dry (lager)” beers…How I miss them. Dear my friends in Japan, you are blessed to have the real deal. Please enjoy sweating. I mean, really.

It has been around 15 degrees here in Gothenburg in July. It is a quite good news if it gets 23 degrees. Then you think “oh I gotta swim!!!” (“otherwise I might not be able to swim outside this year!”).  I am getting used to think 23 degrees as summer these days. I lowered my summer expectation level 10 points down. Still I cannot stop saying “cold” when it is like, 17 degrees. Then my boyfriend says “it’s fresh (and good)”. Njaaah.

I admit that he summer in Sweden is very beautiful. The sun goes up around 4 o’clock and goes down around 22 which the sky never gets pitch dark. But it is almost all about the sun shining hours, not about the temperature of the air. So when it passes the Midsummer (around 23th of June) the summer is heading already to its end. Which means, it gets chilly when it’s cloudy (which happens often) as well as when it’s windy even if it’s sunny. Even under such weather many people wear sleeve-less and short pants, eat ice-cream and jump into the ocean. They look as they have decided to have summer whatever the temperature is. As Tomas Ledin sings in “Sommaren är kort” we gotta enjoy today’s sunshine as the summer is short and the sun might only shine today.

According to my boyfriend “Summer is in one’s head”. It seems this is how a summer works in Sweden…haha.

Keep finger crossed for August:))

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