Why I am starting a blog.

Over a bowl of spicy noodle and steamed dumplings finely placed in a round bamboo steamer, my dear friend Yanji stared at me and said

“Why don’t you start blogging?”.

We are both master students from Asia (she Chinese and me Japanese) who study sth about architecture. Being away from home, losing ordinary career path while adapting to the “Do what you want” culture, I was lost in worries which would felt as gloomy as the typical Gothenburg day (If you haven’t been here, just imagine a day covered with gray clouds which pour you slanting rains). Being in a similar situation but staying calm and creative, Yanji gave me a light.

Start with what you can and like, share them to people, and then you might find a way to go next, she said. This was more or less why I have started this blog. To activate my interests and do something not just worry about staffs. With this blog I want to explore my daily life, brush up my writing skills and get new insights from you:)




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