GBG File 001. Rådhuset. The city hall.

The outside. Photo credit: Higab( )

The classic looking architecture stands by the Gustaf Adolf square which is just a stone cast from the busy bus/tram stop Brunnsparken.

I knew about the architecture but had never been there until the other day. And once I entered, I fall in love with it!

When I brought my male friend who was on visit, we were asked by a gentleman if we were getting married that afternoon. …Excuse us, what did you just say?

According to him, the building is not open to the public unless if you are a politician and has an office in the building or if you are getting married there!! It was no surprise why I had no chance to enter the building in the three years. However, we were very lucky to meet him as he escorted us inside without letting us getting married!

The building is famous for its functionalism style designed by Erik Gunnar Asplund in 1937 (the old part of the building was from 1672) and had been used as a regional court until 2010. He is also known for designing Skogskyrkogården (the Woodland Cemetery, the UNESCO World Heritage site) which is also my favorite place.

Photo taken by the author

The slope of the stairs is characteristically low. According to the man who guided us it was designed so to let one reflect upon his/her own sins before the judgement to be made. It sounds like a dark place but the architecture is filled with lights and round forms which is amazingly beautiful. The glass elevator, phone box, lamps, chairs and tables were also designed by the architect.

The court moved out in 2010 and today the building hosts offices for politicians and weddings. Would the newly married couple go up and down the stairs while thinking about their sins or their blight future…?

イェーテボリファイル001. 市役所














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