Swedish Berry Pie


I wrote about picking berries some time ago. Do you wanna know what happened after? Some became a pie and the rest I put into freezer or cooked into jam.

Pie in Sweden is a bit special, as it’s spelled “Paj”. It’s all about the harmony of berries, crumbles and vanilla sauce…:) It does not have a pie-shape when you serve but instead it melts with the jam and sauce. It’s not like the pie in Japan which I guess was imported from USA or somewhere else not Sweden. It’s not like the Dutch pie either, which I agreed with my classmate Kim upon that our pie is “The-pie”..oh maybe I shouldn’t say it here!

I like the Swedish pie very much anyway. There are many delicious pies in Sweden. Blueberry’s, raspberry’s, gooseberry’s, blackberry’s…you see the law? Yes, as many pies as the berries. Plus rhubarb and apple:D

It’s so simple to make the pie that’s also why I like it. Here I will share a recipe which I learned the other day.  If you don’t have berries, I guess other sour fruits (maybe pineapples?) work also fine. The whole point is the harmony of sour fruits, the crumbles and the sweet vanilla sauce or ice cream or whipped cream.

Recipe is often written in deciliter in Sweden. If you don’t have a dl cup, use your ml measure cup. 1dl is 100ml as you know!



2dl flour

1.1/2 dl sugar

3/4 tsp baking powder

125g margarine or butter.

1 tbsp starch (of corn, potato, or katakuriko if you are in Japan)

Berries…as much as the form can have. 200-300g for a ca 20cm round form?

  1. Preheat the oven at 200℃
  2. Mix every ingredients except the berry with hands and make crumbles.
  3. Place the berries in the form. Coat them with additional sugar and 1 tbsp starch.
  4. Scatter the crumbles over the berries.
  5. Bake it for about 20 minutes until the crumbles get brown.
  6. Serve it with vanilla sauce, vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream and a cup of coffee if you like;)


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