GBG File 002. Botaniska.


Det var en fin dag idag som min svenska lärare beskrivade “brittsommar”.  Jag blev plötsligt sugen på att ta en promenad till Botaniska. Träden har börjat färga och Daria blommade på sitt bäst. Ekorrar spräng med ekollon. Jag rekommenderar er att besöka dit och känna hösten!



Botaniska, Gothenburg Botanical Garden, opened in 1923 when the city celebrated 300 year anniversary together with the opening of Liseberg (amusement park), Konstmuséet (museum of art) and Göteborgs naturhistoriska museum (museum of natural history). Today, it is one of the famous botanical gardens in Europe where 15,000 species are cultivated! They have different types of gardens which give you a feeling similar to travelling around the world. Around this time of year, they have an exhibition of apples and pears as well as mushrooms, and in Spring, they have Hanami event which draws all the Japanese people in this city (at least I felt so..) and the picnic lovers. They have a nice cafe and a shop too, certainly a good place for fika and a present hunt. Admission is voluntary. IMG_4271




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