kANELBULLENS DAG- Cinnamon bun’s day

Yesterday, October 4th, was the day of cinnamon bun.  If you were at a grocery store or a cafe you would notice the hectic amount of cinnamon buns. The snail-looked buns coated with some crispy pearl sugars which have the juicy filling of cinnamon inside. You missed it? No worries, it is actually available all year round everywhere.

Then, why is the 4th of October the day of cinnamon bun?

The day was established in 1999 by Hembakningsrådet (the home-baking council) in order to celebrate the tradition, which, according to the council, dates back to the 1920s and became popular in the 1950s when the better economy, cheaper ingredients and ovens made the buns available to the public. It was also for the promotion of home-baking which would increase the flour and butter consumptions.

It is the year’s most hectic day for the bakers. Many companies offer cinnamon buns for their employees on this day. “It is an easy way for employers to show employees their appreciation. The buns are tasty, the employees feel being taken care and it does not cost a lot for an employer” says Martin Lundell, the chairman for the baker’s organization (SVT).

Free cinnamon buns at the apartment’s entrance from the landlord! First come first served:p


The ingredients are not that many and the baking process is simple. Still, one can make difference with its texture and shapes. A cafe by my SAS school has very tasty cinnamon buns btw. Homemade tastes the best, which is fun to do with some friends. You will find your favourite recipe at Hembakningsrådet’s website http://kanelbullensdag.se/recept/.

Kanelbullens dag blir myndig, by Lisa Andersson, , https://www.svt.se/nyheter/inrikes/kanelbullens-dag

Kanelbullensdag, by Hembakningsrådet,  n.d., http://kanelbullensdag.se/en/


My first baking in 2014. Baking with friends is actually a good protection against winter depression.




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