GBG File 003. Keillers Park (Ramberget)

I moved from Johanneberg to Hisingen the other day. Johanneberg, where I had lived for three and half years, is a calm neighbourhood. It was comfortable to live there as I could go to my uni and the downtown easily by my feet or the three bus lines. I have only almost one month to go back to Japan, however, I decided to move from my beloved Johanneberg to Wieselgrensplatsen on Hisingen which is over the bridge and filled with the 60s apartments. At first, I missed the fine neighbourhood I used to live…But well, I am now so glad that I moved to “the other side”. There are some international markets, restaurants and a pretty good coffee place around where I live. And the best is the hill which one can see over Gothenburg! Its highest point is 1m higher than “Lipstick”. It’s always “the other side” (now I’m saying this from “this side”..) which has things going on (shops, schools, museums and the amusement park..) but there are more than that in Gothenburg. I have only a month but am so excited to discover the hidden places on this island! (yes Hisingen is actually the 5th biggest island in Sweden)




How to get there: The closest tram stops are Rambergsvallen, Lantmannagatan, Herkulesgatan, Wieselgrensplatsen, and Madängsgatan.

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