GBG File 004. Emmaus Björkå


Shopping at second-hand shops is common in Gothenburg. It is good for not only your wallet but sustainability too. And simply, it is fun to wander through the piles of things of different tastes and from different times. However, unlike ordinary stores, these goods are not always clean and functional. So you’ve got to have sharp eyes to discern the quality and a spirit of DIY to make it better…But the feeling is awesome when you find something cool!

The ones in downtown that I sometimes visit are Myrorna and Emmaus Björka around Järntorget and Stadsmission at Grönsakstorget. But my favourite is Emmaus Björka at Backaplan which you can walk from Hjalmarbrantingsplatsen. It has 1500m² floor filled with everything you can think of!

Don’t judge from its deserted looks…









Life is all about taking in and out, and it should be done in a sustainable way. When I need something I try checking secondhand shops first and when I want to get rid of stuffs then I give them away to secondhand shops. Consumption can get much sustainable in this way!




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