Megaloppis @ Majorna, Kungsladugård and Sandarna


Megaloppis is a big flea market held on the last Sunday of May every year in Majorna, Kungsladugård and Sandarna. You will find all possible kinds of stuff such as a bicycle bell, a berry picker, and other useful things on the ground and even on branches. Anyone can sell own stuff on the day without any registration. I didn’t have much stuff to get rid of last year but some of my friends sold her books and clothes before going back to their home. It will be held on the 27th of May this year. Finger crossed for a nice weather!

I could walk easily in the crowd with this bicycle bell!!-Julia



5 useful question pfrases from Frågor & Svar

  1. När är nästa Megaloppis? When is the next Megaloppis?
  2. Vilken tid börjar/slutar Megaloppis? What time does Megaloppis begin/ end?
  3. Kostar det något att delta? Does it cost something to participate?
  4. Måste man anmäla sig i förväg? Should one register oneself in advance?
  5. Får jag sälja mat och dryck?May I sell food and drink?


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