パンはほっこり The warmth of breads

IMG_5122>> さきは高校生の頃からずっとパン屋さんが好きで、一貫してるよね。いつからパン屋さんに興味があるの?You’ve been such a bakery fan since you were a high school student. Remeber when we did a bakery-walk along Setagaya line? We were strange teens! By the way, when did you get interested in bakeries?

<< 埼玉に住んでいた小学生の頃、地元のパン屋さんに土曜日になるとパンを買いに行って、そのパン屋さんでバイトをしたいって思ったのが最初かな。それで、高校生あがってからそこでバイトした。朝早かったなぁ。サンドイッチ切ったり、レジ打ちしたり。最初の1か月は時給600円だったんだよ!当時はパン屋さんで働けるってことが嬉しくて気にならなかったけど、今から考えるとすごいよね。I think the very first memory of liking bakeries was when I was small and lived in Saitama. I used to go to a local small bakery with my parents every Saturday. I was longing for doing a part-time job there and it became my first job when I entered a high school. I prepared sandwiches and worked as a cashier from early morning. The wage was only 600 yen per hour. Can you believe it? I was so happy to work there and didn’t think much about the wage..

>> へぇー!それから、幾つかのパン屋さんで販売の仕事をして、今はオフィスワークをしているよね。今でもパン屋さんで働きたいと思う? Wow, 600 yen. After the first bakery job, you worked at several bakeries including a popular sandwich shop and a very modern bakery in a department store. And now, you do desk work at an IT company. Do you miss working at a bakery?IMG_5119

<< うん、好きなパン屋さんで働いてみたい。でも、正社員の販売ポジションって、なかなか無い。生活のことを考えると、今はお金を貯めることに専念したほうがいいのかなって思ってる。Yes. I do want to work at my favorite bakery. That is actually my dream job. But there is hardly a fulltime position for a non baker.  And I am not a baker. I’ve got to maintain my life standard and my family too, so I think I will continue my full time job and earn some money for now.

>> そっか~。やりたいことがあっても、踏み出せない時ってあるよね。もう少し様子をみて、やってみるのでもいいかもね。うちら”まだ”25やし、やりたいことをするのに遅すぎるなんてことはないだろうしさ。I see. One can not always follow one’s desire when some “must matters” stop one to do so. Maybe you can see how the life goes for now and do what you want later. We are “still” 25 years old, and actually, nothing is too late to do in our life.

<< うん。でも、やりたいとなった時にやりたい仕事で枠があるとも限らないから、難しいんだよね。タイミングってあるよね~。Yes. But I don’t know if there will be a position that I want when I want. Timing is difficult to catch sometime. IMG_5117

>> ところで、どうしてパン屋なの?ケーキ屋とか、おにぎり屋じゃなくて。Yeah, true. By the way, why a bakery? Why not, let’s say, a pastry or an Onigiri ship?

<< なんだろうな~。パンはほっこりするから好き。ケーキはどこかシュッとしていて、女子って感じがする。Ehm..hmm why..? Bread makes me feel “Hokkori”. Cakes are sharp and too girly to me.

>> ほっこり?!ケーキはとがっていてパンは丸いってこと?笑 Hokkori! What, are you saying that a cake is pointy and a bread is round? How should I translate Hokkori into English?

<< 表現できないなぁ。なんだろう、温かいかんじ。Well,,,, I cannot describe the feeling. It makes me warm, you know.

<< しあわせのパンっていう映画に出てくるパン屋さんがあって。色んな背景をもった人が来るんだけど、みんなその丁寧に作られたパンに癒されて、それぞれの家にまた帰っていくんだ。そんな、丁寧で温かいパン屋さんが好き。空間として好きなんだろうなー。Do you know a film called “Shiawase no Pan”? It’s about a bakery and people who come there having some problems or peculiar backgrounds. The finely made bread heal their minds. I like such a bakery which makes tasty bread and makes people feel happy.   image_6483441(2)


….ほっこりという形容詞がぴったりな彼女に教えてもらった豪徳寺のパン屋さんもまた、可憐で優しい場所でした。The bakery she took me was definitely such bakery.

17 Jun, 2018 @ 豪徳寺


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