Till Sverige med kärlek スウェーデンへ愛を追って(直訳)

Till Sverige med kärlek, from 2018. It is available on SVT PLAY until 12 Mar 2019.




分かりやすいスウェーデン語なので、スウェーデン語を勉強している人にもおすすめ。SVT PLAYで2019年3月12日まで見られます。

The film follows three couples of Swedish and non-Swedish which decide to live together in Sweden. Adelia from Brazil, Rasika from Sri Lanka, and Chelsea from California move to Sweden for the first time in their life for their beloved partners. In the beginning, they are happy to meet their partners and to experience new culture. Even snow on the road or silent people on a bus make them impressed. But after a while they get frustrated and lonely by not having friends, a job, and not knowing the language which make them out from the community.  They cannot live as free as they did home. Their Swedish partners support them, which sometimes work but not always. It takes time when it comes to learn a language, make close friends or find a job. During the film shooting, some relationships get strengthened and some end. It is a heartwarming, sad, yet encouraging story of people moving to Sweden for love.

—Watch the film and find these words and phrases if you are learning Swedish:)—

Att älska: To love

Kärlek (noun/en) : a love

Det känns~: It feels~

overkligt: unreal

osäkert: unsure

jobbigt: annoying

Att ge upp: To give up

Att vara lycklig: To be happy

Att vara självständig: To be independent

Att anpassa sig: To adapt oneself

“I think that love is something that totally runs the world and that solves any problem. And I have the most amazing and pure love ever right now!” — Adelia.

¨Du ska fika när de fikar. Svara kort” —arbetsförmedlingens personal

“Det är ingen skillnad här och där. Med tiden kommer du säkert att lära känna folk där” —Rasikas mom.


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