Today’s Swedish 5.Dec.2018

Here I introduce Swedish words and phrases picked up everyday from TV, conversation with friends, books and articles, and music. English and Japanese translation are made by me. Corrections are appreciated.

-Du måste ta hand om dig själv på egen hand. Men du ska inte lita på nån. Den enda du ska lita på är dig själv.

-Men er två då?

-Alla måste klara sig själv. Så är det här ute på gatan.

-You must take care of yourself by your own hands. But you should not trust someone. The only one thing you should trust is yourself.

-But what about you two?

-Everyone should look after him/herself. That’s how it is here on the street. 




source: 36 dagar på gatan Säsong 1 – Avsnitt 1 SVT PLAY

About the documentary: Photographer Christoffer Hjalmarsson who has been reporting tough situations from the world has decided to try living as homeless for 36 days in the winter Stockholm.  

watch 36 dagar på gatan

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