Today’s Swedish 11 Dec 2018

Here I introduce Swedish words and phrases picked up everyday from TV, conversation with friends, books and articles, and music. English and Japanese translation are made by me. Corrections are appreciated.

Ska vi fika?

Shall we have tea/coffee?


Fika means tea/coffee time in Swedish. What makes their coffee time special is, in my opinion, that how Swedish people fikar (verb for fika) and why. They fikar at home, work, school, and when meeting friends. Japanese people drink tea and coffee too, but having tea time at work is not common. And when Tokyoite have tea with friends, “where, which cafe and what to eat and drink” are often discussed. The purpose of having tea is almost to visit the cafe. On the other hand when Swedes says “Ska vi fika?” it means “I want to have a cozy catch up with you”. It does not have to be at a fancy place or for special sweets (except the semla season in February). You don’t have to worry about which place to go because the most cafes have excellent coffee, various tastes of tea, and some pastries (ex. cinnamon buns) or cakes (ex. kladdkaka). Their interiors are well done to be an industrial factory like cafe, a stylish coffee bar, or a homey cafe there you can stay all day long with refill (påtår) for free or only some additional krona. Ah, I miss fika. 

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